Monday, May 19, 2014

The voice

This is the impact, strength and charisma of Ethiopian aliyah and the success of the Atzmaut program ... this is Rudi, the amazing singer we heard at the JDC Board meetings in Jerusalem last night.

Rudi Bainesay was a finalist on the Israeli version of the reality television show “The Voice” earlier this year during her service in the Israeli army, and finished in third place. She performs in Israel and is currently developing original songs of her own.
Rudi was born in 1990 in Ethiopia and moved to Israel during Operation Solomon, a covert Israeli military operation in 1991 to take Ethiopian Jews to Israel. After a few years in an absorption center in Be’er Sheva, she moved to Netanya.
Upon finishing high school, Rudi volunteered for a year of national service as a youth counselor in formal and informal settings at Alon, a nonprofit organization for social engagement.
Afterwards, she was inducted into the army in Gar’in Nachal and volunteered as a soldier-teacher. Later she was stationed in intelligence, where she advanced to become an officer, and was discharged as a first lieutenant.  She is a graduate of JDC's Atzmaut program, which helps Ethiopian-Israelis acquire skills and capabilities that help them successfully integrate into Israeli society.

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