Monday, May 12, 2014

Politics (and an old joke)

I spoke the other night at the Somerset JCC to community leaders. We did a session on storytelling and how we tell our stories as Jewish communal professionals to groups and supporters. At the end, a participant asked me about how we deal with the hot-button political issues facing the Jewish world. How do we answer on Russia-Ukraine? What's our response on the peace process? What's our policy on organizations being part or not part of other organizations?

I have two reactions to this.

First, what unites us is always more important than what divides us. And yes, the divisions are critically important. And yes, we need a culture of respect and dialogue.

And second ... I need to tell a joke. Not a particularly funny joke* but a relevant one nonetheless ...

Four Jews are sitting in shul one Shabbat morning.
"Oy," says the first.
"Oy Vey," says the second.
"Oy Gevalt," says the third.
"Listen," says the fourth. "If you fellas are just going to sit here talking politics then I'm going home."

*I thought it was funny. But, you know, no pressure. 

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