Friday, May 16, 2014

Get involved

I spoke the other day at an event in Philadelphia and talked about what's happening in the Jewish world. There were some terrific questions, both during the event and afterwards. Someone came up to me at the end and asked me "how can I get more involved in what the Joint is doing?"

So ... good question. Here are some initial thoughts ....

Sign up at our website to get monthly updates from the Joint.

Sign up at the top of this blog to get these stories and random musings straight to your email.

Join us on facebook and twitter

Check out the amazing archives online and see the history.

Support our work either directly or by getting involved through your Jewish federation.

Serve, learn and participate through JDC's Entwine next generation initiative.

Be a philanthropic Ambassador

And there are more ... if you're interested, contact us and we'll talk ...

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