Friday, June 6, 2014

Easy doesn't challenge

I visited Susan's House again recently. If you haven't been - you need to go. It's an amazing workshop in Talpiot, Jerusalem, where at-risk kids get a fresh chance with training in woodwork, glasswork, ceramics and the arts.

But really, it's not 'about' the crafts (even though they're beautiful, and they make terrific gifts and souvenirs).

It's about helping kids who face the worst situations of crime, abuse, neglect and more, and giving them self-esteem, the idea that they can succeed and make something of themselves.

They learn business skills - and social skills. And I loved the concept that they don't 'do' simple jewelry or art - they have to do complex pieces. Because the kids need to grapple and concentrate, and feel a sense of achievement. They don't do easy pieces.

Easy doesn't challenge.
Easy doesn't give you a sense of fulfillment at the end.

JDC helped set up Susan's House. But what I like most about our connection there is that we don't have one anymore. We've phased out.

But, you know, they always need people to buy things. So add a visit to your next Israel mission or trip.

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