Tuesday, April 22, 2014

About last week

I spent a lot of time last week answering questions from colleagues and friends about the situation in Ukraine.

Specifically, the “leaflets” issue in Donetsk. Concerned colleagues in Jewish federations, JDC supporters and donors wanted to know the truth, what could be done, and what was being done to stand up to these awful things.

So … we know a lot more about the truth of these issues. And people closer (geographically) and more politically outspoken than me have and will continue to give their views on what’s been done and what can be done. But I want to make one point, that I don’t think anyone has expressed yet. Gratitude.

Remember that whole phrase, “never again”? How we promised to not let our guard down when Jews were endangered, or suffering? Remember that commitment we share that we leave no one behind?
We saw that commitment this last week.
Vigilance, sensitivity, alert appreciation for the rights of Jews in a far-off place.

Every now and then, people will say to you, Jews today don’t care about Jews in faraway places. They won’t stand up anymore if something bad happens. There’s too much alienation now.

Remind them of last week. It ain't so.

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