Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Philippines and Ethiopia

I'm in Boston this weekend with my inspiring colleague, Dr. Rick Hodes, JDC's medical director in Ethiopia. He is one of the most dedicated and impressive Jewish communal heroes I know, and I'm grateful to be spending time with him and CJP (the Boston Jewish federation).

While we're spending time talking about Ethiopia, and JDC's non-sectarian work, the question of the work we're doing in the Philippines keeps coming up. You'd think that they're not connected. But (unsurprisingly) they are.

In audience after audience I see the same themes resonate for the work that we do together - doesn't matter whether it was in Japan, or Haiti, or Myanmar ... or Ethiopia or the Philippines.

Working with an eye on our Jewish values is the same. No matter where.

The commitment to saving the world, one life at a time, is the same commitment.

The value of human dignity is the same value.

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