Monday, February 25, 2013

An update from Dr. Rick Hodes, JDC-Ethiopia

Yesterday we met the next spine group all together, gave them our pre-surgery talk, the parents and patients over 18 signed permissions, and we had a group prayer.

We'll get their Ghana visas on Tuesday, and hope they can leave later this week, depending on ticket availability. Patient Yohannes (far left) is a medical student, so he may take 1/2 the group with him. He's never flown either, but he is more worldly.

I told my assistant, Berhanu, who is flying with them, that  I'd send out these photos with the title "Coming attractions." He is unfamiliar with that phrase in English, and he said "Yes, coming tractions."
Perhaps he's closer to the truth - many will need traction before surgery.

Patient details to follow!

All my best,

Rick and the JDC-Ethiopia team

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