Sunday, March 9, 2014

As you think and act, so your world becomes.

My colleague Ofer Glanz, our director of operations in the former Soviet Union, just returned from a visit to southern Ukraine. In his report was this beautiful story ... so important to all those of us who have seen our Hesed programs distributing food and medicine and home care support to tens of thousands of elderly clients in Ukraine alone. 

Ofer says ...

... Many of the Jewish community's leaders in Crimea fled the area the minute the Russians moved in. The only single fully functioning Jewish organization in Sevastopol today is the Hesed. The Hesed director - Alla Krasnovid continues to operate the Hesed, offering not only material support but also emotional support to the Jewish community by calling people, supporting them in different ways and ensuring some level of
stability at "ground zero" of this crisis.

... There is apparently a new addition to the Russian language vocabulary - "Hesed" - in Sevastopol. The Hesed director -Alla gave everyone who is traveling to clients a printed letter, signed by her, stating the fact that whoever holds this letter is performing humanitarian work at the service of the local Hesed.

This letter is presented at road blocks manned by Russian soldiers who are prohibiting access to some parts of the city or accessing some roads. Well, some soldiers see the letter and then comes the following response: "ah - Hesed? Yes you can go through...."

(The quote is by T. Scott McCleod)

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