Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things I’ve learned this last year (since my last birthday)

 Did I mention it was my birthday? I've learned a lot. So I guess I’m a year wiser. Here are some things I've learned:

1.       The best coffee I’ve ever had is from a small café in Plaza Vieja in Havana, Cuba, called Café El Escorial. They make their own and roast it on-site.

2. Visiting Yad Vashem reminds me why it’s important to speak to my kids in Hebrew.

4. Landing an hour early at 3am isn't as great as you'd think if they won't open customs until 4:15.

5. Havana in the 1930s looked remarkably like Havana in 2013.

6. It's pretty intimidating to be the only man going to an erotic art exhibit at the Havana Fine Arts Museum with 20 (women) Lions of Judah.

7. Argentinians are Spanish-speaking Italians who pretend to be British. Apparently.

9. I work with some pretty amazing people. I didn't "learn" this just now. But there were some good reminders.

10. I couldn't do this without my family. And for them I'm grateful. 

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  1. Will check out that coffee place in Havana! and any pics from the 1930s? Thanks for sharing, great day.