Monday, December 2, 2013

Haredi Poverty and Employment

My colleagues at Myers-JDC-Brookdale have done some fascinating research into Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) families in Israel, and the connection to poverty.

These are some of the really interesting bits (ok, it's all interesting)

 In 2011, 54% of Haredi families were poor.

 The high rate of poverty is very strongly related to low rates of employment.

 Poverty rates are also related to low earnings. There's a significant gap in monthly earnings:
Haredi men: 6,600 NIS vs. 11,500 NIS for all men
Haredi women: 5,200 NIS vs. 7,300 NIS for all women

 Therefore, education and training are critical to narrowing these wage gaps.

 The large numbers of children to support is a further factor contributing to the high rates of poverty

Look at this chart for the difference ....

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