Friday, October 4, 2013

Do Israelis Donate?

This is a really good question, and it's one I get asked a lot when I visit federations.

My colleagues at Myers-JDC-Brookdale have done some really interesting research on this, and some of their findings are fascinating. For example:

A significant percent of Israelis have donated in the last 12 months to institutions or individuals beyond friends and family 
 68% of people age 20 or older reported donating.
 72% of the 50-54 age group reported donating, making them the age group in which donations are most common. At least 52% of all other groups over age 20 reported making donations.

A majority of respondents in all income levels reported donating, although the percentage and amounts increase with income 
 The percentage of people who donate rises with income from 64% in the lowest income level to 85% in the highest income level.

Rate of donors varies among social groups 
 Rates of donation are somewhat lower among immigrants born in the former Soviet Union, and even more so among Arab-Israelis.

Donation amounts vary widely 
 68% of donors reported donating up to 500 NIS, while 17% reported donating above 1,000 NIS.
 56% of donors in lower-income levels (income up to 2,000 NIS per month) reported donating up to 100 NIS a year.
 34% of donors in higher-income levels (income above 21,000 NIS per month) reported donating over 1,000 NIS a year.

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