Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Early Childhood

The Farash Foundation continues its inspiring Strategic Partnership mission in Israel. Dr. Rami Sulimani, Director of JDC-Israel’s Ashalim (Youth Programs) Department, gave a riveting and moving presentation on the challenges of youth programs and Israel’s future.

“My vision,” he explains, “is to give every child an equal chance.”

It’s easy to say, but a lot more difficult to actually implement. Rami and his team spend over a year just on preparing the ground for an individual program.
Because if you want to make real, meaningful change in the lives of Israel’s children, you have to start at a very early age.

That’s how JDC-Israel started the PACT (Parents And Children Together) working with the Ethiopian-Israeli community, and the ECHAD (Early Childhood Achievement and Development) program for Arab-Israelis. Both programs emphasize early-childhood enrichment and educational support, while working with parents and the family environment. As each program becomes strong enough in its funding and structure, JDC phases out and lets local NGOs and partners run the programs by themselves.

PACT and ECHAD allowed us to form the bases for a massive cooperation and partnership with the Government of Israel called “New Beginnings,” an early childhood initiative in over a hundred locations in Israel, impacting the lives of tens of thousands of children. Every day.

Rami’s vision, the commitment of JDC-Israel, and the partnership with our funders and supporters, allows us to have collective, system-wide impact, helping tens of thousands of Israel’s children and youth on a daily basis. 

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